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Commercial Services

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC can help you secure your business. CALL US TODAY! @ (412) 653-4010

Lock Installation and service

If it locks, B & P LOCKSMITHS INC installs and repairs it. We service and install deadbolts, knob locks, leversets, handicap lock hardware to meet (ADA) requirements, panic/fire exit devices, deadbolts, and cabinet locks, just to name a few.

The toughest locks are no match for someone who has a copy of your keys. That's why we carry and install security locks with restricted keyways (no one can duplicate your keys).

Door Closers

You know what they are--those funny looking boxes you see above doors with the double-jointed arm. We service and install these also. If your door is slamming or if you find drops of oil on the threshold or header it's time to replace your closer.

Office Furniture Locks

This covers a large area, from duplicating desk keys to repairing fire proof file cabinets. Did you know that keys can be made to most desk and file cabinet locks from the number stamped on the face of the lock? Remember this the next time you want to secure confidential documents or items at the office.

We also carry exterior locks to further secure your files. An inexpensive way to turn your file cabinet into a maximum-security container.

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