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Residential Services

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC can help you secure your home today! CALL US @ (412)-653-4010

Does someone have a key to your home who shouldn't?

Are you worrying about keys you lost recently and the expense of replacing all your locks?

Do all your windows lock?

Are you tired of having six different keys to all the doors in your house, garage, shed, and gate?

Would you like to have the strongest deadbolt made installed on your doors?

Is there a locksmith who can answer your emergency call within minutes?

Do you want a locally owned and operated locksmith to handle all your security needs?

Call B & P LOCKSMITHS INC at (412)-653-4010 653-4010 or Toll Free 1-(877)-bplocks.

B&P LOCKSMITHS INC has the answer to all your security questions!

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC offers complete lines of High Security, Standard Security and Decorative Locksets in a wide range of finishes.

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC installs, replaces, and upgrades lock cylinders, locksets, and deadbolt locks

When keys are lost, B & P LOCKSMITHS INC will re-key your existing locks so that the original keys won't work, and only the new set will.

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC can rekey the locks to your house, garage, shed and gate so you only have to use just one key.

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC installs Window Locks, Window Pins, and Hinge Pins.

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC stocks and installs Lori (Ilco Unican) deadbolts, arguably the best! Get commercial quality for your home. (These are not sold in any retail store.)

B & P LOCKSMITHS INC provides emergency service.

Call B & P LOCKSMITHS INC for all your security needs. (412)-653-4010


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